Salsa Rhythm App v1.3 Delayed, Rejected by Apple

The release of Salsa Rhythm App v1.3 was planned for today. Unfortunately, a that bug was found during apple’s review process will cause the release to be postponed until the next week.

The bug per Apple’s description happens on iOS 4.1 in the following scenario:

1) Launch Salsa Rhythm.
2) Go to the info page by tapping on the info button in the bottom right corner.
3) Select the “Send us Feedback” button.
4) The app crashes.

Unsurprisingly, when I tested the above scenario on my device it did not crash at all, no matter how hard I tried. Since my device had iOS version 3.1.2, I realized that this was the time to upgrade to the latest version, so I went all through the upgrade process.

Even then, after upgrading to iOS 4.1 I still was not able to reproduce the bug. I went all over the code again and again trying to guess where the bug could come from. Finally, after almost an hour of scratching my head, the solution came into my mind: Perhaps the app reviewer at Apple did not have an email account configured on his iPhone device?

With that idea in mind, I deleted the mail account settings from my iPod Touch, and voila – the app crashed when clicking on “Send us Feedback” and I was finally able to reproduce the bug. Needless to say, the solution was simply adding two lines of code for displaying an error message in case the user has no mail accounts configured.

This bug existed since the very first version of the application, but it was only discovered yesterday during Apple’s  review process. In my opinion, this bug has almost no impact – in reality, who uses an iPhone/iPod touch without taking advantage of its Mail program ?

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