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While listening to a variety of songs and musical styles is essential for developing your musicality, many dancers don’t know where to find new sources of Salsa music. One of the easiest ways to discover new songs is by listening to an online Salsa radio station. For example, you could listen to the broadcast while working or doing your homework. When you hear a new tune that you like, you just write down the name and the name of the artist, and later obtain that track.

So where to start? We have collected a few links to quality online Salsa radio stations, run by professional Salsa DJs who also play in parties. Some of these radio stations also have live shows:

Radio Candela

The first station is the new kid in town. Launched just a few months ago, run by DJ Nrike from Stockholm, Sweden (and originally from Cuba), the Radio Candela station plays a hot mixture of Salsa, Reggeaton, Bachata and other latin music styles.

Salsa Picante

Hosted on Live365, this station has more than 5 years of broadcasting in its record. This station mainly plays new songs and is a great channel for discovery of recent releases. In the station’s web page you will find links to additional Salsa stations hosted on Live365, as well as and option for free listening:

Note: Live365 also offer a VIP package, free of advertisements, with desktop software & mobile application so you can listen on-the-go. If you want additional details, Click Here for 25% off the regular price.

Radio La Zeta

Based in Bogotá, radio La Zeta broadcasts Salsa music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This station plays music most of the time, but they have occasional talk shows too, which can be very interesting if you are a Spanish speaker. This radio is broadcasted over the air in the area of Bogota, Colombia, but there is also a link for listening to the broadcast online:

Do you know any additional quality Salsa radio not listed here? Write a comment below and we will review it and add it to the list.

We wish you best time listening to your favorite Salsa music online, free!

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