Download Salsa Rhythm for Android

Now available: Salsa Rhythm 1.0 for the Android

10 different kinds of instruments, more than 60 musical patterns and thousands of possible combinations are available in the new Salsa Rhythm application for Android.

Following 6 months of development and beta-testing, the new version is now available from the Android Market for a discounted price of 1.49$. Bringing the lively Latin rhythms directly to your phone or tablet Android device, the application is perfect for practicing your timing both for On-1 and On-2/New York style Salsa dancers.

Download Salsa Rhythm for AndroidDownload Salsa Rhythm for Android

This new release is an amazing collaborative effort of many people around the world who participated in the beta-testing stage and helped to shape the final form of the application by sending us their valuable feedback:

Salsa Beat Machine on Android

  • Isaac OLEG, France
  • Gilad Ofir, Israel
  • Darren Sharman, Germany
  • Nuno Lopes, Portugal
  • Simon Fung, Hong Kong
  • Lesdy Lopez, USA
  • Tolga Cag, Turkey
  • Michael Sverdlin, Israel
  • Jami Josephson (, NY
  • Juan C. Pastor, Spain
  • Joel Martinez, Florida
  • Aydin Karakut, Belgium
  • LearningWarrior, USA

Download Salsa Rhythm for AndroidDownload Salsa Rhythm for Android

What do you think about the new release? Which features would you like to see in the next version? Share your thoughts with us below, in the comments section.

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