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Salsa Rhythm for Android goes beta !

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Salsa Rhythm for Android is finally here! Announced today, the first beta version will be distributed to 50 selected users for evaluating and collecting feedback.

This journey has began back in January 2010, when the first line of the source code was written. Back then, the iPhone platform was more popular than Android by far, so we have put our efforts in completing the iPhone version first. Today, nearly 2 years after the first seed, this source code has grown into a fully functional Salsa Rhythm application.

The new application will be tested in the following month, and then will be released to the Android Market, after making some changes and adjustments, based on the community feedback.

Interested? Find additional screen shots and information on our community google group, where you can follow development of the beta version, discuss it and help us make it better:

Salsa Rhythm v1.2 on its way to AppStore

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

New version of the iPhone Application has just been uploaded to the iTunes AppStore: Salsa Rhythm v1.2.

So what’s new in this release?

  1. Ability to switch between Clave 2-3 and Clave 3-2 , both in Rumba and Son Clave modes.
  2. “Reset to Factory Settings” button to get the machine back to the default configuration.
  3. Compatible with the new iOS 4.1
  4. Updates to the help and links screens, including new “Troubleshooting” section.

It usually takes around 2 weeks for apple to approve a new version, so meanwhile let’s just keep on dancing while we are waiting for apple’s approval…

Fresh User Interface – What’s coming

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

After releasing the iPhone version to the appstore, and creating the free downloadable Salsa Rhythm Application for the PC, I have finally found some time to improve the original Salsa Beat Machine.

Select all/none, clave orientation buttons

Inspired by continuous feedback from instructor Eric Freeman and a our user-manual author Daniel Suchman, I have decided to refresh the user interface and add some long-desired features. The main changes are:

  1. New play/pause button, finally!
  2. Merged the functionality of the Instruments tab into the Mixer tab, no more duplicate functionality.
  3. Mute/unmute instruments simply by clicking on them.
  4. Visual indication for muted instruments – gray fill with a red X over them.
  5. New buttons to select / deselect all instruments at once.
  6. New Play/Pause button

  7. New button to switch between 2-3 and 3-2 clave.
  8. Eliminate the key selection dropdown, use the new know to switch keys.
  9. New popup window to change instrument programs and settings.
  10. New splash screen (standalone version only).

Instrument options menu

Users of the standalone version can already see these changes by getting the latest version. Go to and enter your email address. The online version of the Salsa Beat Machine will also be updated in a few days, so the rest of the users can enjoy these refreshing changes as well.

Finally, there is another big change coming, both in the SBM and in the iPhone application. We are going to make the BPM counting of the rhythm easier for dancers by counting the beats the same way as dancers does. This change will be explained in an upcoming blog post, stay tuned…

The new Splash screen

100 Downloads, Free Bonus for All Users

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

It has only been a week since the release of the Salsa Rhythm application for iPhone, and we have already had more than 100 downloads of the new application. Excited by this quick adoption and download rate we have decided to create a free standalone, downloadable version of the iPhone application that can run on your desktop and laptop PCs.

This means you can enjoy all the benefits of the iPhone application also on your PC, without needing any internet connection: the new Salsa Rhythm app for PC looks just like the real iPhone version and works the same way the iPhone version does, bringing the power of the iPhone application to your desktop too.  I have a screenshot to show you what it looks on my Windows XP computer – Yeah, it really is an iPhone-lookalike running the Salsa Rhythm from within my desktop.

The new iPhone Simulator 1.0 version of Salsa Rhythm will be available for download during July, without any charge, and we will let you register for a free download starting from tomorrow. The link for registration & download will be published on this blog and also on social media, facebook and twitter tomorrow, so stay tuned…

Free PC version of the Salsa Rhythm for iPhone Application

Previewing the new version, soon available for free download

Now available: Record your Salsa Beat Machine !

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

A long-waited feature is finally available: The ability to record the Salsa Beat Machine output to a WAVE file so that you can edit it, mix it in another software, or just take it with you anywhere on your iPod. The possibilities of this new feature are endless, are I am sure we are going to see interesting uses for this in the following months from many of the users.

This new feature is available on the Salsa Rhythm Software for PC, which is a version of the Salsa Beat Machine designed to run directly from your desktop (as opposed to the online version, which runs from your web browser). In order to use this feature, you need a relatively strong CPU. While we have not tested the exact performance of recording to Wave files, we can certainly say using it requires a considerable amount of computer resources. In my tests, however, it ran smoothly on my Intel core i5 workstation.

Screenshot of the new "Record to Wave"  feature

"Record to Wave" feature

The Salsa Rhythm Software is available for download to all past and present users who have donated to the Salsa Beat Machine. All donors are registered users and can download the latest version here:

For more information about donating, please visit our donation page here:

We are currently working very hard to deliver you additional cool features soon, stay tuned… And if you have some specific feature you’d like to request, you can do it on our Feature Request Page.

Flash Player 10.1 support is here !

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

It’s been only two weeks since the release of Adobe Flash Player 10.1, but since we have received a lot of support calls from people who could not get the Salsa Rhythm Software running with the new flash player, we have decided to create a new version, resolving the compatibility issues with Flash Player 10.1.

The updated version is available for all donors free of charge, and can be downloaded by following the instructions here:

Flash Player 10.1 and the Salsa Rhythm Software

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Adobe has released the long-waited version 10.1 of the Flash Player just a little more than a week ago. Ever since, I have began getting reports from users about problems they had experienced with running the Salsa Rhythm Software on their machines.

As it turns out, adobe has changed the internals of their Flash Player in the 10.1 release, and the changes make it incompatible with older Flash Player 10.0. Thus, any of you who will upgrade their player to the new 10.1 version will no longer be able to run the Salsa Rhythm Software on their computer.

We know this may pose a problem to some of the users, and we are working very hard to get a new version which will be compatible with the new Flash Player released as soon as possible. Follow this blog and we will post an announcement as soon as such version will be available.

You can easily check what version of Flash Player you have on your system by going to this page and looking inside the “Version Information” box to the right of the text.

Sandrine, a user of the Salsa Rhythm Software, has sent us the following instructions, how to go back to Flash Player 10.0 in case you have already installed the new 10.1 version:

  1. Download the uninstall_flash_player.exe program from adobe site here and run it. This will uninstall Flash Player 10.1 from your system.
  2. Install the lastest 10.0 ActiveX version of the Adobe Flash Player. You can download it here.

Thank you Sandrine for sharing this information with us!

Saxophone is coming to the Merengue Machine

Friday, June 11th, 2010

We are currently experimenting with adding a Saxophone instrument to the Merengue Beat Machine.

The saxophone is one of the exotic instruments which gives the Merengue music its taste, and it’s the first brass instrument to be included in the Beat Machine.

Preview releases will be available for all donors, as a part of the Salsa Rhythm Software (the standalone version of the beat machine) starting from next week, feel free to request your copy by mailing to

We are also looking forward to replacing the maracas with a Güira instrument – If any of the readers has a good sound samples of a güira, please contact us as we really want to include this instrument along with the Merengue Beat Machine.

Finally, we are about to release the first RC version (Release Candidate) of the Salsa Rhythm for iPhone. all users who have applied to our beta program will get a copy to play with.

More great news to come, stay tuned !

Coming soon: Record your Beat Machine to File

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

A new release of the Salsa Rhythm Software is coming soon, and a long-desired feature is finally going to be in: You will now be able to record the Salsa Beat Machine’s output directly to a wave file, from within the software, both for the Salsa Machine and the Merengue Machine.

The new recording feature will only be available of the desktop version of the program, named “The Salsa Rhythm Software”, an is expected to come out during the next week.

Stay tuned !