How to Redeem iPhone App Promo Codes?

November 27th, 2011

We occasionally give a bonus to our mailing list members and twitter followers. One of the bonuses that we give from time to time is a code to download a free copy of the Salsa Rhythm application to your iOS devices (or your best friend’s device, if you already have our app!).

Since we have been getting a lot of questions about how to redeem these codes, here is a short tutorial that explains how to do it in 3 simple steps directly from your iPhone/iPod/iPad device.

Step 1: Lunch the AppStore application

Simply tap the “AppStore” icon from your home screen:

Step 2: Tap the Redeem button

You will find the Redeem button under the “Featured” tab. Go into the “New” section and scroll all the way down. You will find the “Redeem” button there, just tap on it:

Step 3: Enter the code and redeem your app

Enter the promo codes in the “Redeem” window. When you finish, tap the “Redeem” button on the top-right corner of the screen:

Congratulations, you have just won a free copy of the Salsa Rhythm app for your iPhone!

If you like the app, please find a minute to rate us in the appstore. You can rate us by tapping the info (“i”) icon on the main screen of the app, then the “Rate Salsa Rhythm on the Appstore” button. Thank you!

Salsa Beat Machine Widget in your Website

November 18th, 2011

We are excited to announce the new Salsa Beat Machine Widget. This brand new version allows Salsa studios, dance teachers, music professors and professionals to put the Salsa Beat Machine directly in their web sites. Imagine offering all the great functionality of the Salsa Beat Machine to your visitors directly from your website, having them experiment with Salsa music and different rhythm patterns directly from within your webpages. Well, now it is possible.

Some websites are already using the Salsa Beat Machine widget in their pages, and we have several outstanding requests from others. You can see it live in the following pages:

Live Demo

Get it now

Inserting the Salsa Beat Machine widget to your webpage is as easy as pasting 2 lines of HTML code into your website. We can also provide detailed, step-by-step instructions for users of the WordPress publishing system (using a custom plugin).

We give a free usage license for the Salsa Beat Machine widget to all users who donate $20 USD or more. All donors also get their personal copy of the Salsa Rhythm Software for running on their PCs.
Upon completing your donation, just drop us a word to and let us know that you are interested in using the Salsa Beat Machine widget in your website. We will create a license key for you and send you the HTML codes for embedding the widget.

Other licensing options are also available, including custom branding and special/extended functionality version. For non-standard licensing, you will need a custom widget contract. Please contact us to for a quote.

We would love to get your feedback on the new widget and hope many web masters will find it useful.

A great documentary about Timba in Cuba

November 11th, 2011

Our most recent Salsa Timing Video featured a Timba song. Timba is a genre of music from Cuban origin, sometimes referred to as “Cuban Salsa”.

The song we chose was “El Repartero De La Habana”, performed by Sama Y El Expreso De Oriente. You can watch the video here:

Today we bring you a documentary program about the Timba in cuba, or more specifically – “Team Cuba”. Team Cuba was formed back in 1998 by the 7 most popular bands at that time, with the mission of spreading the Cuban Timba and sharing it with the rest of the world. The following video tells their story, featuring live concert clips with many famous Timba bands, an interviews with influencers in the Timba music, including Juan Formell (“Los Van Van”), Issac Delgado, amongst many others.

Despite the quality of the recording, the story itself fascinating for anyone interested in Latin music and Cuban Timba. Watch the video and learn what Timba is directly from the makers of this high-energy dance music:

Many thanks to Michael “Che” and for TimbreMayor for sharing this great resource with us. What do you feel about Timba? Would you consider Timba as a part of Salsa or as a distinct genre? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

3 New Piano Patterns, 1 New Bass Pattern

July 23rd, 2011

We have just added 3 new Piano patterns, contributed by Tyrone Collis from Germany. While at it, we also added a new Bass pattern that matches the existing I-IV-V-IV piano pattern, suggested by the trumpet player Pete Nater from New York. Finally, we added some new percussion patterns contributed by Jürgen Messerer from Switzerland. Jürgen is currently working on creating additional bongo patterns for us, so expect another update soon.

Here is the list of the new Salsa music patterns:


  • Montuno I-V-V-I + Passing Tones
  • Montuno i-V-V-i (minor)
  • Montuno V-V-I-I


The new bass pattern is called “Tumbao I-IV-V-IV”. It matches the first two piano patterns, “Montuno I-IV-V-IV” and “Montuno I-IV-V-IV + arpg. + passtone”, as well as the minor variation “Montuno i-iv-V-iv” and the ‘light’ variation “Montuno I-IV-V-IV Triads”.


  • Bongos – Martillo Var1
  • Bongos – Martillo Var2
  • Bongos – Martillo para clave
  • Cowbell – Every Beat
  • Güiro – Güiro Danzón
  • Maracas – Maracas Son
  • Maracas – Maracas Son Montuno
  • Maracas – Maracas Son Montuno 2

iPhone version updated

Yesterday we also released a new version of Salsa Rhythm for iPhone. The Salsa Rhythm application version 1.7 now includes all the new patterns mentioned above, along with a new Rhythm & Timing videos page providing direct access to our online Salsa Rhythm & Timing video collection.

Salsa Rhythm app on the iTunes AppStore

Downloadable version

All registered members can download an updated version with all the new patterns. To download the new version, please follow this link:

If you want to become a registered member, you may consider donating to support the project.

Eddie Palmieri, a famous Latin Pianist

Can Salsa Change Your Life ?

June 23rd, 2011

I asked some of our users to tell us their personal story, how did Salsa change their life. In this article, I am going to share with you some of the more interesting answers that I got.

Alex Schamenek from Texas gave us the following answer:

  • I stopped watching TV so much.
  • I have a real social life with actual friends.
  • I have a confidence I never thought I would have.
  • I know more about what it means to be a real leader.
  • I learned more about women in 2 years of dancing with them than in 20 years of trying to date them. (I’ve been dancing for over 7 years now.)
  • My attitude about women and life in general has flipped on it’s head.
  • I used to want to be wrapped around a cute girl’s pinky. Now I know that she wants me to be a good leader.
I could go on but basically I would be a sorry person without salsa.
Thanks to my cousin Dan for introducing it to me.
Darren Sharman from Germany also shared with us his exciting story:
“I was out dancing Salsa in Mannheim Germany (I am an Ex-pat brit) about 11 months ago. I met my Turkish girlfriend who was there visiting to improve her German for two months. We dated nearly everyday, 3 months after that first Salsa night I moved to Istanbul and we have been living together here for 9 months together. We are planning on getting married early in 2012. If that isn’t a life changer then I don’t know what is :-)”
Photo by Rain Ader

Photo by Rain Ader

Getting Started

Do you want Salsa to change your life too? Start right now. It’s a long process you have to undergo, but the end result is well-worth the effort.

In the following weeks, we are going to publish several articles with Tip and Tricks how to get started with making the change. Even if you already dance Salsa, we are going to share with you some techniques that will make your Salsa dancing more social, more professional, and above all – more fun.

If you haven’t done so, please join to our mailing-list, by clicking the following link:

Join our mailing list now!

You will receive a letter from us twice a week, with information how to improve your dance and timing techniques.

Share Your Own Story

How did your life change with Salsa? Post your story in the comments section below, and share it with our readers. We are going to give a free copy of the Salsa Rhythm Software to the dancer with the most exciting story!


Hong Kong Mambo – A new Salsa timing video

June 11th, 2011

Getting back from a two-month vacation in South America, it’s the time for a new Salsa Timing Video. This time, Tito Puente, “The Mambo King”, with a great Mambo song.

As you can see, this video is “On-2″ (New York Style). After releasing our first On-2 video, “La Llave”, we received a lot of positive feedback, so we decided to create another one. This video also features an illustration of the Timbales patterns. You can find an explanation about these patterns in our blog post “The key to dancing Salsa On-2″:

While Tito Puente is recognized as a world-class Timbales player, and some even believe he is the best Timbales player of all times, it’s less known that he also played the Vibraphone and the Marimba. In this song, Hong Kong Mambo, you can hear his talent playing the Marimba. The marimba has a key role in the piece, playing the melody.

A few things to notice about the congas:

  1. It’s easy to notice the Slap sound of the conga drums, look for it whenever the instructor says “2″ or “6″. The first slap is at 00:07.
  2. At 03:15, the Congas improvise for 2-phrases, which can be clearly heard.


Merengue Machine finally gets a Guira

March 4th, 2011

It’s been more than a year since the initial release of the Merengue Beat Machine, and we have finally added the last ingredient missing in the Caribbean sauce – The Güira.

The Güira is a metallic percussion instrument from the Dominican Republic. It resembles a cheese grater, and sounds similar to the maraca. You can find a Güira in almost any Merengue arrangement, along with an additional percussion instrument called “The Tambora“.

The Güira

Up to now we have used the Maraca in place of the Güira as we did not have any satisfactory audio samples of the Güira. Last week, one of our users, nick-named “El Conguero”, sent us some quality recordings of his personal Güira, so now we are finally able to include this fascinating instrument in the Merengue Machine arrangement.

We have included 5 different patterns for the Güira instrument, going from simple downbeat-only patterns to more syncopated and engaging patterns. But why write so much when you can simply click and try it yourself?


French Salsa Beat Machine

February 12th, 2011

We have just added French language support for the online Salsa Beat Machine version.

You can find detailed instructions how to switch the counting language on our previous blog post,
The Salsa Beat Machine goes international

We are now working on adding additional languages, including Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and others. Feel free to make your requests by leaving a comment below…

Salsa Beat Machine Goes International

February 5th, 2011

The Salsa Beat Machine has users from all around the world. Many people feel more comfortable with their native language, so we decided to add additional languages to the “Instructor”, the voice that counts aloud the beats.

Today we have uploaded the first international version, with three languages included: English, Spanish and German. You can access the new languages by clicking on the “v” button right under the Instructor icon and selecting the desired language, as illustrated below:

Changing the language of the Salsa Beat Machine

Changing the language of the Salsa Beat Machine

The Spanish language was recorded by instructor Joel Dominguez (, and the German language was recorded by our user Moritz Meißner.

We would love to add additional languages, and we need your help in order to accomplish this. All you need to do is to spend one minute recording yourself counting the numbers “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8″ in your native language, and then send us the recording. We need the recording to be in a good quality and the voice to be clear and sharp, of course.

If you are interested in helping, please leave a comment below or mail us to and we will provide you a sample recording and further instructions.

“La Llave” by Grupo Latin Vibe – The Lyrics

February 3rd, 2011

Here are the lyrics for the new Timing Video, “La Llave”:

If you haven’t done so, we recommend that you read our previous blog post:
The key to dancing On-2.

The blog utilizes this song to explain the “On-2″ Salsa style (a.k.a New York / Mambo), and also explains some of the rhythmic patterns that are presented in the video.

Original Lyrics:

Se me quedó la llave, Mercedes, se me quedó la llave, Carmela
Se me quedó la llave, Juliana, se me quedó pegada en la puerta
Se me quedó la llave, Mercedes, se me quedó la llave, Carmela
Se me quedó la llave, Juliana, se me quedó pegada en la puerta
Se me quedó la llave, Mercedes, se me quedó la llave, Carmela
Se me quedó la llave, Juliana, se me quedó pegada en la puerta

Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom
¡Abre la puerta que soy yo!
Si no me abres la puerta me quedo aquí en el hondo
Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom
¡Abre la puerta que soy yo!

Te traigo un ramito de flores, Carmela, y una sopita de camarón
¡Abre la puerta que soy yo!
Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom
¡Abre la puerta que soy yo!

Y una cajita de chocolate a Mercedes, dueña de mi amor
Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom
¡Abre la puerta que soy yo!

Ay, tum tum pa tum pom pom pom
¡Ábreme la puerta, te lo ruego por favor!

Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom
¡Abre la puerta que soy yo!

¡En hora buena!

¡Mercedes, Mercedes, abre la puerta que soy yo, chica!
Aquí, tú no me venga a fastidiar más, ¿OK?
¡Vete, vete ya!

Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom…
Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom
Abre la puerta, dueña de mi corazón

Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom
Ay, prende la radiola y apaga la televisión
Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom

Y cuando entre, vamos a bailar un son

Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom
Abre la puerta, por favor!

And in favor of the non-Spanish speakers, here is the English translation:

I got the key stuck, Mercedes, I got the key stuck, Carmela
I got the key stuck, Juliana, I got it stuck in the door
I got the key stuck, Mercedes, I got the key stuck, Carmela
I got the key stuck, Juliana, I got it stuck in the door
I got the key stuck, Mercedes, I got the key stuck, Carmela
I got the key stuck, Juliana, I got it stuck in the door

Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom
Open the door, it’s me !
If you won’t open the door, I will stay here waiting
Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom
Open the door, it’s me!

I brought you a bunch of flowers, Carmela, and a shrimp soup
Open the door, it’s me!
Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom
Open the door, it’s me!

And a box of chocolate to Mercedes, owner of my love
Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom
Open the door, it’s me!

Ay, tum tum pa tum pom pom pom
Open the door, I beg you, please!

Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom
Open the door, it’s me!


Mercedes, Mercedes, open the door, it’s me, girl!
Here, you don’t come back and bother me anymore, OK?
Go, go away now!

Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom…
Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom
Open the door, owner of my love

Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom
Ay, turn on the radio and turn off the TV
Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom

And when I get in, we will dance Son (traditional Cuban dance, one of the roots of Salsa)

Tum tum pa tum pom pom pom
Open the door, please!

After reading the lyrics, what do you think this song is about? What is the story behind it?
Leave a comment and let us know!