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3 New Piano Patterns, 1 New Bass Pattern

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

We have just added 3 new Piano patterns, contributed by Tyrone Collis from Germany. While at it, we also added a new Bass pattern that matches the existing I-IV-V-IV piano pattern, suggested by the trumpet player Pete Nater from New York. Finally, we added some new percussion patterns contributed by Jürgen Messerer from Switzerland. Jürgen is currently working on creating additional bongo patterns for us, so expect another update soon.

Here is the list of the new Salsa music patterns:


  • Montuno I-V-V-I + Passing Tones
  • Montuno i-V-V-i (minor)
  • Montuno V-V-I-I


The new bass pattern is called “Tumbao I-IV-V-IV”. It matches the first two piano patterns, “Montuno I-IV-V-IV” and “Montuno I-IV-V-IV + arpg. + passtone”, as well as the minor variation “Montuno i-iv-V-iv” and the ‘light’ variation “Montuno I-IV-V-IV Triads”.


  • Bongos – Martillo Var1
  • Bongos – Martillo Var2
  • Bongos – Martillo para clave
  • Cowbell – Every Beat
  • Güiro – Güiro Danzón
  • Maracas – Maracas Son
  • Maracas – Maracas Son Montuno
  • Maracas – Maracas Son Montuno 2

iPhone version updated

Yesterday we also released a new version of Salsa Rhythm for iPhone. The Salsa Rhythm application version 1.7 now includes all the new patterns mentioned above, along with a new Rhythm & Timing videos page providing direct access to our online Salsa Rhythm & Timing video collection.

Salsa Rhythm app on the iTunes AppStore

Downloadable version

All registered members can download an updated version with all the new patterns. To download the new version, please follow this link:

If you want to become a registered member, you may consider donating to support the project.

Eddie Palmieri, a famous Latin Pianist

Salsa Rhythm iPhone Application is Ready !

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

We have finally reached the final release of the Salsa Rhythm iPhone Application version 1.0. The project is running for three months already, and it would not have been the same without all the help we have received from our users. We have compiled a list of all the people who helped in putting this release together, including the beta-testers, proof-readers, user-interface sketchers, and graphic designers. It is so amazing to see how many different countries are involved:

This list clearly shows that collaboration of people coming from different countries can achieve great results, and it is also included in the “about” screen of the final version, to let the world see how united the global Salsa scene is.

We will be uploading this version to apple for the Appstore approval process today, and once approved it will be available for everyone to download. The work, however, is not done yet – there’s an outstanding list of features waiting for version 1.1. So expect more to come…

Last but not least – We are working on an exciting preview site for the upcoming version, with some very exciting features. Stay tuned, more updates on this in the following days.

Thanks again to all the people who helped us with putting together this release,
together we have done this, and better !