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I perfer dancing…

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

We asked our facebook users which style of Salsa they love to dance. While Cuban Salsa took the lead, we could also see the Mambo style just a little behind, leaving the L.A. style and the Romantic Salsa genre far behind. The most surprising finding is that nobody chose the “Mixed” option – it seems like every dancer got his preferred style, and there is nobody who prefers just a little bit of everything.

To make the survey more interesting, we gave the dancers to add their own answer. While we spotted many non-salsa styles in the  answer list, such as Cha Cha and Tango Argentino, it seems like Bachata is the most popular foreign style amongst Salsa dancers. However, Merengue, the other genre from the Dominican Republic, was not mentioned even once!

Here are the complete results of the survey, with just over 180 participants:

Which is your preferred style? Let us know in the comments section below…

Hong Kong Mambo – A new Salsa timing video

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Getting back from a two-month vacation in South America, it’s the time for a new Salsa Timing Video. This time, Tito Puente, “The Mambo King”, with a great Mambo song.

As you can see, this video is “On-2″ (New York Style). After releasing our first On-2 video, “La Llave”, we received a lot of positive feedback, so we decided to create another one. This video also features an illustration of the Timbales patterns. You can find an explanation about these patterns in our blog post “The key to dancing Salsa On-2″:

While Tito Puente is recognized as a world-class Timbales player, and some even believe he is the best Timbales player of all times, it’s less known that he also played the Vibraphone and the Marimba. In this song, Hong Kong Mambo, you can hear his talent playing the Marimba. The marimba has a key role in the piece, playing the melody.

A few things to notice about the congas:

  1. It’s easy to notice the Slap sound of the conga drums, look for it whenever the instructor says “2″ or “6″. The first slap is at 00:07.
  2. At 03:15, the Congas improvise for 2-phrases, which can be clearly heard.