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Brian Michael: A new cooperation is born!

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

We always look for new ways to bring the Salsa rhythm to you. You first had the Salsa Beat Machine, then the Rhythm & Timing videos and now also Visual Salsa.

Today we took an important step in bringing a better Salsa learning experience to you. Cooperating with the Salsa singer Brian Michael, we will now be able to create more content for you using his songs and music.

Start Enjoying it Now, Free

Starting from today, you will get 3 free songs to practice with when you download
the free Visual Salsa Software. Brian will be working with us to give you ever more free songs for practicing in the future.

We even have plans for mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad) apps that will let you practice your rhythmicity on the go. But first, we are eager to get your feedback on Visual Salsa, so go ahead, download and install it, and let us know how we can make it even better for you.

Who is Brian?

Becoming a recognized Salsa singer is hard for most people. Even for those who get to sing occasionally, building a career out of Salsa music is far from trivial. For Brian, it was even more challenging, as you will read in the following paragraphs.

Brian Michal with composer Isidro Infante and the studio engineer

The Tough Start

Baby Brian

Brian was born and raised in Illinois. At the age of 15 years he moved to Puerto Rico. His Spanish was not his strong point, and he had a tough time making friends. He was more of a loner, not being accepted by neither the Puerto Ricans nor the the migrant Puerto Ricans group.

Surprisingly, something positive came out of this situation: He began spending more and more time experimenting with music, connecting to his roots through the study of Latin music. Despite being shy, soft-spoken and the individualist kind of person, he managed to find friends amongst the local singers and dancers, who shared the same passion for music. He had a common language with them.

Thanks to the support of his mother, Angie, he decided to face the challenges and stick with his dream. But the challenges were many, and he had to face doors shut in front of his face, rejections and criticism. Record labels and producers preferred to go with native singers, which they considered less risky.

When The Hard Work Ultimately Pays Off…

Eventually Brian’s persistence paid off. After competing in talent shows and auditions all over the country, he finally started gaining some recognition. Winning a first prize was a major leap for Brian, also leading to his appearance on local TV shows and having his songs played on Puerto Rican radio stations.

Appearing on “Voces en Funcion“, a famous Puerto Rican talent show, was a major milestone in his career. This gave him the drive to participate in many other talent shows, as he returned to Illinois, including American Idol, Star Search, Chicago Idol, Objetivo Fama and Gigantes del Manana.

By 2008 Brian was finally ready to record his dream record, bearing his name and featuring his vocals, for which he teamed up with legendary producer Isidro Infante. Isidro, who has worked with Celia Cruz, Fania All Stars, La India, and so many others, helped Brian bring his vision to life, incorporating several Latin genres into his album.

Nowadays, Brian is in a state of joy and accomplishment, having reached many dreams and goals. He has opened for some of Latin music’s biggest artists, such as El Gran Combo, Xtreme, Tito Nieves and Bachata Hietz. He has been played on many international radio and television stations, such as La Mega, Rumba, Hard Salsa, Echale Salsita, Univision, Telemundo and Wapa TV. Brian’s music has reached many people all over the world, and he is currently working on two new singles that will be released some time in the late summer.

Brian at the Latin Grammy Street Party

Final Words and Thanks

We are very excited about working together with Brian, and hope that you will like listening and dancing to Brian’s music as much as we did.

This cooperation would not have been possible without the help of Irene Ayala, Brian’s personal manager, who have done wonderful job in making the connection, handling the legal stuff and opening our mind to this opportunity.

You can listen to Brian’s music on his website,

Listen to Salsa Music online, free

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

While listening to a variety of songs and musical styles is essential for developing your musicality, many dancers don’t know where to find new sources of Salsa music. One of the easiest ways to discover new songs is by listening to an online Salsa radio station. For example, you could listen to the broadcast while working or doing your homework. When you hear a new tune that you like, you just write down the name and the name of the artist, and later obtain that track.

So where to start? We have collected a few links to quality online Salsa radio stations, run by professional Salsa DJs who also play in parties. Some of these radio stations also have live shows:

Radio Candela

The first station is the new kid in town. Launched just a few months ago, run by DJ Nrike from Stockholm, Sweden (and originally from Cuba), the Radio Candela station plays a hot mixture of Salsa, Reggeaton, Bachata and other latin music styles.

Salsa Picante

Hosted on Live365, this station has more than 5 years of broadcasting in its record. This station mainly plays new songs and is a great channel for discovery of recent releases. In the station’s web page you will find links to additional Salsa stations hosted on Live365, as well as and option for free listening:

Note: Live365 also offer a VIP package, free of advertisements, with desktop software & mobile application so you can listen on-the-go. If you want additional details, Click Here for 25% off the regular price.

Radio La Zeta

Based in Bogotá, radio La Zeta broadcasts Salsa music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This station plays music most of the time, but they have occasional talk shows too, which can be very interesting if you are a Spanish speaker. This radio is broadcasted over the air in the area of Bogota, Colombia, but there is also a link for listening to the broadcast online:

Do you know any additional quality Salsa radio not listed here? Write a comment below and we will review it and add it to the list.

We wish you best time listening to your favorite Salsa music online, free!

Friday Salsa Playlist

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Keeping with our dancing traditions, we held another Salsa Social this past Friday. We got a lot of positive feedback about songs that we played, so I thought it would be nice to share with you, salseros and salseras, from all around the world.

Dr. Granot Demonstrating the Beat Machine

The Playlist

  1. Aicha – Africando (05:12)
  2. Tiroteo – New Swing Sextete (02:54)
  3. Con cada beso – Huey Dunbar (04:08)
  4. El Gallo Y La Vaca – Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz (03:43)
  5. Ran Kan Kan – Tito Puente & His Orchestra (03:01)
  6. La Jinetera – Willy Chirino (05:09)
  7. Raices – Orquesta La Palabra (04:40)
  8. Indestructible – Ray Barretto (04:14)
  9. Los Van Van – El Negro Esta Cocinando (05:33)
  10. Dejame Un Beso – Salsa Kids (04:00)
  11. No Le Pega A La Negra – Joe Arroyo (04:51)
  12. La Salsa Y El Guaguanco – La Excelencia (05:15)
  13. Valio La Pena (Salsa Version) – Marc Anthony (04:52)
  14. Salsa Con Candela – Miguel Yamba (04:43)
  15. Son de Amores (Salsa Version) – Andy & Lucas (04:26)
  16. Maria,Maria (Salsa Version) – Carlos Santana (06:07)
  17. Via – Willy Chirino (04:48)
  18. Bachata Amor Mio – Alex Bello Feat. Ricky Franco (04:35)
  19. Los Campeones de La Salsa – Willy Chirino (04:18)
  20. Mi Amor Eterno – 3D Ritmo De Vida (05:18)
  21. Tequila (Salsa Version) – Cubismo (04:46)
  22. Susie Hansen – La Salsa Nunca Se Acaba – Susie Hansen (04:55)
  23. Quitemonos La Ropa – Victor Manuel (04:28)
  24. El Cantante – Marc Anthony (06:47)
  25. Line Dance Carnavalera – Havana Delirio (03:07)
  26. Line Dance El Ritmo Vuelta – Balli Di Gruppo (03:52)
  27. Rueda Eddy Mclean – Azucar (04:14)
  28. Un montón de estrellas – ALFA 8 (06:09)
  29. La Pantera Mambo – La 33 (06:16)
  30. Guaguanco de los violentos – Tipica 73 (04:23)
  31. Johnny Polanco – Xiomara (05:41)
  32. Nadie Como Ella – Marc Anthony (04:56)
  33. Bachata No Es Una Novela – Monchy Y Alexandra (03:36)
  34. Mambo Italiano – Massimo Scalici (04:58)
  35. Tu Con El – Frankie Ruiz (05:02)
  36. Peligro – Gilberto Santarosa (04:54)
  37. Cha Cha Sway – R.Mitchell (02:19)
  38. Pa’l Rumberos – Salsa Celtica (04:50)
  39. BachataLamento Bolivano – Toque De Queda (03:37)
  40. Hotel California – Mikael De Vante (05:10)
  41. Ritmo Sabroso – Los Jovenos Del Hierro (02:53)
  42. Ain’t Nobody – Alex Wilson (04:49)
  43. Picoteando Por Ahy – Henry Fiol (05:29)
  44. Timba Lola Lola (Toque de Bola) – David Calzado (06:32)
  45. Persona Ideal – Adolescent’s Orquesta (04:53)
  46. Olvidala – Jorge Celedon & El Binomio de Oro (05:04)
  47. Salsa Caliente Del Japon – Orquestra de la Luz (04:55)
  48. Todo Se Derrumbo – Louie Ramirez (04:08)

The After Party

Even after the party was over (after 3am), there were still a good number of couples wanting more music to dance to. To drain every little bit of energy they got left, I decided to challenge them by playing some fast pieces… So here is what I came up with:

  1. Marc Anthony – Aguanile – 121BPM
  2. Oye mi canto – Yakki Famirie – 133BPM
  3. Baila mi conga, Vacilala – Afro cuban jass project – 160BPM (!)

As you can see, the speed was increasing with every song. The list finished with the fastest piece I know… and only one girl could keep up with the fast tempo, the others were already exhausted and ready to go home =).

Can you name a few very up-tempo salsa songs? I’d love to see you comments here.

Musician Alex Wilson helps the Salsa Beat Machine

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Today I’ve got a letter from the musician and producer Alex Wilson, who was very excited about discovering the Salsa Beat Machine.

After a short discussion, Mr. Wilson has pinpointed a few places where the Salsa Beat Machine could improve to attain superior quality of Latin sound.

Respecting the authority that he has gained in the world of music, I am going to implement all of his suggestions forward to bring the Salsa Beat Machine to the next level of Latin music playing.

In the following days you will see some of the new features. I will start with a remake of the Conga drums followed by a revised version of the Bass and the Maracas instruments. These changes will help the Salsa Beat Machine reach a higher level of sound accuracy and quality.

Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Wilson for kindly donating a new Piano “Montuno” pattern taken from his song “Ain’t nobody”. I will upload the pattern shortly for all of you to enjoy.

You can visit Alex Wilson site here:

Also, check out his “Find The Rhythm” book: (you can download the first chapter for free!)

Stay tuned,
The Salsa Beat Machine is just getting better and better…