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Salsa Rhythm for Android goes beta !

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Salsa Rhythm for Android is finally here! Announced today, the first beta version will be distributed to 50 selected users for evaluating and collecting feedback.

This journey has began back in January 2010, when the first line of the source code was written. Back then, the iPhone platform was more popular than Android by far, so we have put our efforts in completing the iPhone version first. Today, nearly 2 years after the first seed, this source code has grown into a fully functional Salsa Rhythm application.

The new application will be tested in the following month, and then will be released to the Android Market, after making some changes and adjustments, based on the community feedback.

Interested? Find additional screen shots and information on our community google group, where you can follow development of the beta version, discuss it and help us make it better:

Screen shots of the iPhone version

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

A few screen shots from the latest beta version of the Salsa Beat Machine for iPhone:

Main Screen

Main Screen, Salsa Beat Machine for iPhone beta 2

The main screen of the Salsa Beat Machine for iPhone, second beta

Program Selection

Program Selection Screen, Salsa Beat Machine for iPhone

Program selection screen for the Bass Instrument

Info Screen

The "Info" Screen of the Salsa Beat Machine for iPhone

The Info screen including the current appstore icon

Got ideas how to improve the user interface? Want to become a beta tester?
You can join our google group discussions about the iPhone version here: