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Free Salsa Musicality Intro Lesson

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Thanks to our friends from you can enjoy a free instructional video about Salsa Musicality. You will learn how to listen to the basic rhythms, take advantage of the melodic patterns for finding the “1″ and how to synchronize your movements to the music. You will also be introduced to the Clave rhythm, and get a taste of additional Latin music styles, such as Cha Cha, Merengue and Bachata.

In addition to the video, you will also find here a widget for practicing with the songs from the video, so you can apply what you learn immediately and then test yourself to see how good you are doing. We recommend first watching the video, and then practicing with the widget below. Have fun!

Watch the Lesson

Get Adobe Flash Player to watch this video.

Practice Your Timing

The widgets below will let you practice and test yourself with twp songs from the lesson, “Acid” and “Otra Oportunidad”. The music tracks come from youtube, so please hit the youtube “play” button to get the widget going. You will then be able to switch between 4 tabs where you can see the On-1 dance steps, On-2 dance steps, visualize the Clave rhythm, and finally test your ability to find the “1″.

Ray Baretto – Acid

Jimmy Bosch – Otra Oportunidad

Learn More & Practice More

Did you enjoy the instructional video? You can find more many on Some are free, others are available for paying members, go ahead and check them out.

Do you want to practice with additional songs? Try our new Online Visual Salsa widget where you can choose from a selection of more than one hundred songs to practice with and then test yourself.

Salsa Beat Machine Widget in your Website

Friday, November 18th, 2011

We are excited to announce the new Salsa Beat Machine Widget. This brand new version allows Salsa studios, dance teachers, music professors and professionals to put the Salsa Beat Machine directly in their web sites. Imagine offering all the great functionality of the Salsa Beat Machine to your visitors directly from your website, having them experiment with Salsa music and different rhythm patterns directly from within your webpages. Well, now it is possible.

Some websites are already using the Salsa Beat Machine widget in their pages, and we have several outstanding requests from others. You can see it live in the following pages:

Live Demo

Get it now

Inserting the Salsa Beat Machine widget to your webpage is as easy as pasting 2 lines of HTML code into your website. We can also provide detailed, step-by-step instructions for users of the WordPress publishing system (using a custom plugin).

We give a free usage license for the Salsa Beat Machine widget to all users who donate $20 USD or more. All donors also get their personal copy of the Salsa Rhythm Software for running on their PCs.
Upon completing your donation, just drop us a word to and let us know that you are interested in using the Salsa Beat Machine widget in your website. We will create a license key for you and send you the HTML codes for embedding the widget.

Other licensing options are also available, including custom branding and special/extended functionality version. For non-standard licensing, you will need a custom widget contract. Please contact us to for a quote.

We would love to get your feedback on the new widget and hope many web masters will find it useful.