Edie, The Salsa FREAK

Edie the Salsa Freak

Edie is one of the most recognized international dance instructors. She created over 50 instructional DVDs and has been awarded three International Lifetime Achievement Awards in Europe and the United States.
Her methods are used by Salsa instructors all around the world, who she personally trained through the Black Bet Salsa training program, following the moto:
"We Train World Class Instructors FIRST...
... who then Create Amazing Students".

Christian Gutierrez

Christian is a dance instructor from Houston, Texas, and is also the creator of the "Salsa Moves" iPhone application. Christian is constantly helping us to promote the Salsa Beat Machine, has created some of the graphics for the application, and is always giving ideas for directions of future development.

You can find more information about Christian in his company's homepage, LatinDanceFactory.

Joel Dominguez

Joel is a dance instructor from New York, and he is running several salsa-related sites online, both in English and Spanish. He also creates instructional videos, including two instructional videos he created for the Salsa Beat Machine.

Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson is a Latin Jazz and Salsa Pianist from the UK. He is the producer of the famous salsa song "Ain't Nobody". Alex has helped us reviewing the musical correctness of the Salsa Beat Machine, and has also donated several piano and bass patterns for the project.

Eric Freeman

SalsaVille - Eric 'El Cubanito' Freeman's Salsa Products and Services

Eric Freeman 'El Cubanito' Freeman is a dance instructor from Boulder, Colorado, who has become famous thanks to his instructional cuban-style Salsa videos. He has a wide collection of dance DVDs teaching all styles of Salsa dance: Cuban, LA and NY.

You can find additional information on Eric's website, SalsaVille. Definitely a recommended resource for anyone learning the cuban-style salsa!

John F. Bello

Ritmo Bello

John is a Salsa instructor from San Diego. He has been involved in the SD salsa dance community for more than 12 years. He also maintains an informative blog about Salsa news called "RitmoBello".

Visit RitmoBello Salsa Blog

Salsa MAG

New: SALSA MAG International

Online International Salsa Magazine!

Salsa MAG is a child of the new media – it’s not a conventional glossy magazine destined to gather dust under the coffee table, but rather a modern e-magazine which takes classic elements and combines them with videos, audio files and interactive features to create a multimedia experience. Whether at home or travelling – SALSA MAG can be read any time, any place. Also available on the iPad Newsstand!

Salsa MAG Winter 2012 Edition